Truck Driver Training App

Manages Students, Instructors & Trucks. Schedules, communicates and tracks training with the push of a button.

Do You...

Spend hours trying to coordinate the availability of all of your students, instructors, and trucks?

Struggle to keep all of your spreadsheets and calendars straight?

Sound Familiar? We Can Help!

We make the impossible possible, allowing you to focus on running your Truck Driver Training business.

Intelligent Planning Tools

Automated Notifications

Live Reports

Real-Time Course Dashboard

Our streamlined course dashboard provides you a real-time view for all of your students.

On one screen you can quickly see how each student is progressing, how much time remains and if any over-booking may have occurred.

Best of all you can access this information from your laptop or mobile phone anywhere in the world.

Intuitive Central Calendar

Complete all of your scheduling in our intuitive calendar, allowing you to view and schedule students, instructors, vehicles and locations.

Fields are customizable to suit your specific needs, and data is prefilled to avoid unnecessary data entry. In fact, our calendar is so intelligent, you can even schedule your vacation in it.

Something you'll finally have time for once you start using our App.

Intelligent Planning Tools

Scheduling is a “snap” with our intelligent planning tools.

Our intuitive calendar allows you to pre-populate fields. It's so easy that anyone can become an expert scheduler in less time it takes to make a peanut butter sandwich.

Automated Notifications

No need to send individual emails or SMS messages. Our app does it all for you.

Best of all you can determine how much of the schedule you want to share, and when you want to share it. Talk about freedom!

Did we mention we’ve included our proprietary “confirmation” response functionality? You'll know who views and accepts your schedule in real-time, every time.

Get Real-Time Updates

Our app even allows instructors to perform live updates on the status of attendees in their programs. They can add notes, times and even make changes, or simply accept.

No need to be a technology wizard.

Did we also mention we’ve included signature verification? No more chasing signatures, your student can sign off as soon as they are complete. Logged in our app for you to view and print anytime.

Reports that make
your life easier

With all of this real-time data, it’ll come as no surprise that we’ve designed reports that provide you the information you need to run your business.

No more tracking down field reports or instructor time sheets. Just click the button and you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips.

Our Customers Experiences Speak Volumes

We’ve told you how great our app is. Now see what our clients have to say.

Our innovative application supports advancement in the Driver Training industry.

Partners in the Industry

We partner with industry leaders to provide our clients with even more support.

Enrollment Tiers That Suit Your Needs

We know your business is unique, and that’s why we’ve created three different enrollment tiers.
Select the tier that best suits your current needs.



Per Enrollment
Unlimited Hours

Best Choice



Per Enrollment
11 - 40 hours



Per Enrollment
10 hours or less

Your first 5 enrollments are free!

Additional Information

The size is determined by number of hours for student enrollment. Enrollments become active only after the first event is attended. At the end of each month any newly activated enrollments are billed.

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